Custom Metal Work

Family-owned Wylie Systems has been an industry standard in the design and construction of current railing systems within North America. With over 40 years of experience Wylie Systems has pioneered creative designs and continues to address industry trends in their designs and products.

Based in Toronto, Canada Wylie Systems through its network of sales agencies offers delivery and service worldwide. The "one of a kind" designs and products offered by Wylie Systems which add definition to the spaces they occupy are overseen by Wylie's own in-house team. Wylie's own architect and design department initiate the conception of a design while the skilled machinists and installation technicians create the aluminium, steel, stainless and other metal finished products. This integration of both a design and production team ensures Wylie Systems can efficiently coordinate the sale and creation of each fine product.

Wylie Systems works with all metals when designing their standard and custom products. Wylie offers railings, partitioning, queuing, wall art, custom grilles, redemption cages, column covers and more. Please browse the site and take a look at all of the products and design services Wylie Systems offers.